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Product Reviews

Have you or one of your customers had a particularly good experience with our products or our service?  We'd love to know!  Send us an email at brobert@denaq.com, and we may feature your comment right here!
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Dell Inspiron Laptop
I really like the charger it works great. Its really small and easy to carry around.

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Jeannine D
Glen Gardner, NJ
DELL Mini Laptop
"I am an IT person and worn adapters is a big problem for me. To replace an adapter from the manufacturer of the laptop is very expensive. My personal mini laptop adapters wire wore through and I was just in the process of ordering a new one. When I looked it up on line and found that it was $48.00; I decided to think about it.. Good thing! Went to QVC on line and clicked on what was new for that day. There it was Denaq, adapters that are not only replacements but better qualiity then the original product. I am very happy and will be ordering them for business purposes also. Great product."
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Spring Valley, CA
HP Pavillion Laptop
I saw this exact same battery at Office Max for over $100. This brand is about half the price and it works beautifully. It came quickly and I popped it in and it fits and works!!
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Tarzana, CA
Gateway SOLO
I searched in all the traditional - specialized - electronic stores for a laptop-specific power cord. I could not find it or the price was just not what I had budgeted for ( even at the local retail level). Walmart was the best option for availability and pricing. In terms of the product...it is really basic...a power cord that plugs into my gateway laptop...it works perfect.
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TheRealEstateLady on Walmart
Williamstown, NJ
HP Business Notebook
Walmart on-line was the only place I could find enough detail to be ensured that I was even buying the correct power adapter compatible with my particular work laptop -which in the meantime was inoperable without one! Walmart's price was "Considerably less" then everywhere else I had checked or called. I would have rather gone into any store immediately to buy one, but no one had it. So reluctantly, I ordered on-line and resigned myself to waiting for it to arrive,,,which it did, in just one day! I couldn't have possibly asked for more.
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